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Elton John announces “last” three-year tour

Ⓒ AFP – TIMOTHY A. CLARY – | Sir Elton John in New York on January 24, 2018

The British singer Elton John announced Wednesday in New York that he would perform a “last” giant tour of three years before stopping to travel the world, to devote himself to the education of his two children.

The 70-year-old star explained that he would not put an end to his career of musician and singer, already over 50 years, and that he would continue to produce music.

“I hope to continue to create until my death,” he told a press conference in New York, broadcast live on the internet.

With this announcement, the English artist put an end to the suspense he had cleverly orchestrated for several weeks.

He explained that this last world tour, scheduled to begin next September in Pennsylvania and have about 300 dates until 2021, was a way for him to thank the audience that accompanies it since the early 70s.

Elton John said that he made this decision in 2015, during a stay in the south of France, and then planned this tour during the next two years.

Incidentally, he gently scratched Cher, assuring that he would not link false bidding farewell to the scene as the American singer has done for 15 years.

Married to David Furnish, Elton John has two sons, Elijah (5) and Zachary (7), born by surrogacy.

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