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Cancer: “Untenable” rise in the cost of care

The annual rise in the cost of cancer care has become “untenable” and “if we let it, it will end badly,” said Tuesday the president of the Curie Institute, Thierry Philip, in an interview with Libération.

“In 2000, we had a cancer cost of 15 billion all inclusive: health insurance, sick leave, taxis etc., including one billion for drugs.Today, we are at 16.5 billion, including 3.5 billion for drugs, “he says. According to him, this increase “is strong but it remains bearable, except if we dwell on the last three years …”.

“We are on a one-billion-a-year-a-year increase, and if we look at 2025 we end up with almost $ 10 billion for cancer drugs, and we’ve gone into an annual rate of increase. become untenable, “he adds,” if we let it go, it will end badly “.

Ⓒ AFP/Archives – MATTHIEU ALEXANDRE – | The President of the Institut Curie, Thierry Philip, November 22, 2014 in Paris

“For the moment, in France, we are in. We manage to cope and take care of the reimbursement (…) .The concern is for after,” he says.

Ⓒ AFP/Archives – DOMINIQUE FAGET – | Curie Institute President calls for transparency “in the process of developing a drug by the laboratories

For the president of the Institut Curie, “transparency is necessary” in the process of developing a drug by laboratories, distinguishing “clearly the cost of research and the cost of manufacturing”. “The companies say they put ten molecules in the pipes for a single step, so why not, check, tell us which, how much it cost,” says Philip.

The president of Institut Curie also insists on the need to “include patients in the system”. “It has been seen with HIV, patients have imposed transparency, this is the solution, at least the lever,” he said, calling for “go to the right price.”

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